About Us

I founded TAM In 1991. I was working onsite and saw the need properties had for extra help. I realized it wasn’t just any help, but industry-specific help. Someone who could assist and that had the experience of working onsite. It was then that I set out to build a network of experienced professionals that other communities of Atlanta could access to fill their staffing needs. Once I got started, I discovered that I could put people to work faster than they normally would have when looking for full-time employment. Providing people with work became my mission.

I also made it my mission to exceed any expectations my clients had of a staffing company. I realized this could only be done by sending the very best temporary staff available. Keeping to the highest standards and being sensitive to the needs of my clients and employees.

I can guarantee that TAM will continue to be selective in the hiring process and will maintain the highest level of customer service to build career-long relationships.


Lisa Eggleston
President & CEO